Our Services

We are child-centered, working with children from 18 months to 18 years of age who are affected by autism and other related behavioral challenges. We work with children with dual or multiple diagnoses on behaviors, gross and fine motor skills, language development, physical challenges, and socialization.

Our interventions are evidence-based and individualized so that we meet the children where they are and move them toward where they need to be. As we teach replacement behaviors, we use data to track progress and assure success. Parents are an integral part of the team and always know what to expect and how the children are progressing toward the goals we set together.

Our services are available as long as your child needs and benefits from services, not on a rigid time frame.

Eligibility for Services:

Children from 18 months to 18 who have a prior diagnosis or are in the process of receiving a diagnosis are eligible for our services. We serve all socio-economic groups with respect and cultural sensitivity. We also provide parent education to help guide parents through the process.

Funding Sources:

We accept Private Insurances such as Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, United Health, CMS XIS (WellCare), CMS XXI (WellCare), Magellan (Avmed), Aetnrx, and Medicaid. In addition, we also accept temporary private pay. Private Pay may be accepted for specific goal interventions such as toilet training. 


Our staff provides services in the home, community, in the schools, and at our Treasure Coast ABA Center in Palm City, where we offer a variety of services such as Social Skills Groups, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Our center also offers after-school programs.  

We are wherever your child needs us to be.

Treatment Model

Your child’s Behavior Analyst and Behavior Assistant (Registered Behavior Technician) will work together closely to ensure that your child reaches their goals. We will meticulously ensure that our services embed the core components of ABA.

Data-Driven Progress

We recognize the significance of taking data. And we use the data we collect to track each child’s behaviors and assure success.


We have a strong belief that each child’s success is highly dependent upon collaboration with family members, teachers, school staff, medical experts, and specialized professionals.  We realize that your child’s program will only be accomplished through collaboration. We welcome all who play a part in your child’s treatment to join your child’s behavior intervention team during preparation of the behavior intervention plan, data review, and the analysis of your child’s progress.

Parent Involvement

We believe that parents know their children the best and we welcome parent participation, contribution, and feedback concerning your child’s ABA program. We understand what parents go through in getting the best and most appropriate services for their children. We assist parents in navigating the system and getting the resources they need, including help with completing the Medicaid Waiver application and preparation for school conferences and Individualized Education Program (IEP) conferences.